Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1st Crockpot Dinner Attempt

Like many of you, I have pinned a gazillion "easy" recipes on Pinterest and, while behind the computer, I tell myself, "I'm gonna do this! Crock-pot meals are going to revolutionize my evenings and dinner for my family!" REALITY- I get to the grocery store and am overwhelmed by how many THINGS you actually have to buy, I hear Starbucks calling my name, and damn, I really just want to buy ice cream. I always talk myself out of making real, thoughtful meals before I even try. But this past Sunday was the exception.

Starting off slow, I decided to make 1 Crock-pot dinner. Unfortunately, I know myself all to well... aim low, haha! Anyway, I stumbled upon this awesome blog and recipe while cruising around Kroger, so I decided to give it a whirl. It sounded easy enough, and indeed it was!


Frozen chicken breast, 3 cans, 1 packet of taco seasoning, and cream cheese.

Done and Done!

(please follow links for actual recipe and instructions)

Sunday evening I decided to open the cans, throw it together, and put it all in the fridge. I'm probably the only person who would do this ahead of time, but I'm ALWAYS late to work in the morning, so 3-4 min is crucial!

I made sure to put everything together (even the taco seasoning packet) because I would for sure forget to add something!

Monday morning I put it all in the Crock-pot and set it on low for 7 hours. The original blog said to stir this every 2 hours, but I work all day, so I just hoped for the best. It all turned out great! Except, I may or may not have accidentally also cooked the chicken packaging pad that was stuck underneath the chicken. Ooops! Hey, it was frozen and I was tired. What do you want from me?! I'm happy to report that we all lived :-) We also have plenty of leftovers to enjoy.

I'm definitely keeping this one in my repertoire. (Who am I kidding... this is the first entry in said repertoire)

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